Warranty Information


1. All items and products on our website carry a full manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Any item or product which are subject to a warranty claim should be returned to Handtools Xpress Ltd (warranty returns address on application) for inspection.

3. On receipt of any item or products returned under warranty claims, Handtools Xpress Ltd or our manufacturers or suppliers will repair or replace the defective item or products.

4. Warranties do not cover deliberate or accidental damage, acts of God, misuse damage or not following instructions supplied with the item or products. Item or products must not be modified in any shape or form, nor repaired by a third party without our prior approval

5. Item or products that have not failed due to manufacturing defects will be repaired at the cost of the customer. Our decision on this final.

6. Warranties for power tools and especially Refina Mega Mixers, cables, plugs, carbon brushes, and outer casings are not covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover incorrect purchase of item or products.

7. The warranty will become null and void if the item or products have not been used in accordance with the manufacturers or purpose they were designed for.


1. The Seller Handtools Xpress Ltd will accept no liability for any loss, damage, delay or failure however caused, resulting from the use of the products, whether for injury, profit or data loss.

2. The seller Handtools Xpress Ltd shall not be liable under these Terms & Conditions if any delay, failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, war, civil disorders, industrial disputes and acts of God