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Local Plasterers using Plaziflex & Spat spatula Video`s


We have added a couple of videos on the site, the first one is Refina Spat Spatula video, located in the Refina Superflex Skimming Spatula Categorie and the second video of the Refina Plastic Plaziflex Skimming Trowel is in the Plaziflex Plastic Skimming Trowel section.

We do have a few more video`s on you tube which we will be putting up soon and we hope to get more video`s and piccys of local plasterers in action.

Please bear in mind we are not Photographers or David Bailey`s lol, and we would like to thank Minton Plastering Services for allowing us out on site with them.

If you fancy your plastering pictures on here get in touch, we would gladly welcome your views, comments, ideas and pictures.


Thanks Josh Darby

Owner Hand Tools Xpress


Plaziflex Plastic Skimming Trowels


Refina Superflex Skimming Spatulas