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• high volume air powered spray gun

• spraying sand & cement renders & slurries

• lime mortars & plasters

• spritz coats & slurries

• waterproofing & tanking

• cement based repair mortars


The ACF20 is a large nozzle hopper spary gun that is simple and effective to use. The blue render spray gun is one of the few spray guns that will handle sand and cement renders.

Scoop directly from the bucket enabling faster application of material than by hand and less wastage.

There are a range of front plates and nozzles for different applications

There is a nozzle kit for applying spar dash consistently and evenly.

It is easier than working by hand when spraying in a restricted or near scaffolding.

The ACP30P is a compact site compressor that will deliver up to 30cfm. It is UK made and will run a range of spray pumps and air tools.



  • spraying sand and cement renders and slurries
  • cement based repair mortars
  • lime mortars, stucco and plasterers
  • waterproofing and tanking coatings
  • scratch coats
  • lime finishes and sheleter coats


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